Wow! Thank you so much! The Accelerated Creative Force Portalization was such a profound experience! I am so very grateful! I am excited about sharing this amazing creative force with everyone and everything as I go about daily life! And I love that it is ever expanding! No limits! How cool is that? How good can it get? I have really enjoyed the experience and it has added a whole new level of life! I love it!

Between your book, Become a Conscious Creator, and the movie 'The Secret' my entire concept of life and how it works has changed. Your book was very insightful to me. Now, I just have to put it in practice. I am trying to focus my creation energy on completing all the things I have committed myself to. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your book.
- AP, FL

I met Lisa in 2001 during a spiritual retreat. She is a person of highest integrity and dedicated planetary service. Recently I have had an opportunity to have private sessions with her for activations and attunements and have felt that her work has assisted me in my intent to create powerful positive changes in my life. My choices in the people that I want to work with have narrowed as my discernment has grown in the past few years and I continue to support Lisa's work wholeheartedly.
- Linda Smith, Plano, TX

...I feel that the Portalization has made me stronger spiritually, more peaceful, more confident, and decisive. I feel more connected. I overall feel more hopeful/trusting of my ultimate good and goodness.
- Harriette Orelup, Dallas, TX

It was a most profound, joyous and calming experience. I had no sense of time, literally in my minds eye the "northern lights appeared, a weight lifted off my heart, a state of bliss enveloped me. For a phone session, this validates of the power of the portalization for me. My desires are coming to pass. Calm, Peace and Bliss, I am, the connectedness that I so searched for is here now.
- Carolyn Moore, Dallas, TX