Become A Conscious Creator:
A Return to Self-Empowerment

By Lisa Ford

Have you ever wondered...
How can I get what I want?
How can I lead a truly empowered life?
How can I make a difference in the world we share?

This stimulating and enlightening book is a practical guide for understanding and utilizing our creative abilities. Lisa discusses how we are equipped with instruments of creation that are the matrix, the power, and the medium through which we create and shape our reality. The tools, innate within our Beingness, are presented along with three methods to align, magnetize, and manifest what we want in our lives.

You will learn how to:

  • Change what you are receiving into what you are truly creating
  • Use thoughts and feelings toward true personal empowerment
  • Use the laws of physics to align events within your life
  • Maximize the "creative components" inherent within humanity
  • Manifest what you want in your life utilizing three methods
  • Overcome obstacles you encounter in the creative process
  • Live a life beyond anything you have ever known

Our return to self-empowerment is predicated on our unfolding creatorship. Become empowered in the energy that creates worlds. Through the authority of our creatorship, we are an instrument for God in the fulfillment of the divine plan and the restoration of heaven on earth.

Become a Conscious Creator
Is a no nonsense guide to
mastering our creative power.

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