Connections in Common

The Work
The Work of Byron Katie is a deeply transformative process of inquiry that is helping people around the world approach their problems from a perspective of clarity and inner peace.

The Abraham teachings, through Esther Hicks, affirm our well-being and help us to recognize the power of joy in achieving all that is desired in life.

Love Without End
Glenda Green shares her life changing experiences in her internationally best selling book. After painting Jesus' portrait, Glenda was asked by Jesus to give His message to the world.

Djwhal Khul
Terri Newlon is a Health Intuitive teacher living in Sedona, Arizona. She channels the Ascended Tibetan Master named Djwhal Khul who combines his overview from the Spiritual Plane with her empathic (feeling, sensory) abilities to create specific and practical information.

QuanYin Creation Center
Laura Lizak's work at The QuanYin Creation Center is designed and implemented by Creation, QuanYin, and the Benevolent Forces guiding our planetary ascension process. During activations with QuanYin, you too become an ecstatic, powerful conduit/transmitter of the new energies that are coming into our reality.

David Howard
David Howard is a spiritual teacher, singer, author and minister. He is available to sing for your church service, workshop, wedding or other special event.

Christ Matrix Ascension Academy
Founded by Rev. Cathy Acker. The Christ Matrix Ascension Academy (CMAA) is a teleconference/web-based school dedicated to supporting those individuals on a spiritual path. The CMAA sponsors channels and teachers chosen by Jesus the Christ to advance his work and the work of several Ascended Masters and Archangels who work with the Christ Matrix.