At-One-Ment (Azrael, Wisdom for the New Age)
As you reflect upon the principle of Oneness, and gain greater insight into its application to all life, especially to your relationships with your fellow man, you are better able to accept the significance of what the Master is saying to you with these words...

Creating Our World and Creation Energy Meditation
The universal truth that we are residing within is that all creation begins with thought - Energy Follows Thought, Thought Directs Energy. So as we focus our attention on anything or anyone it is as though we are shining a beam of light in that direction. In Glenda Green's book, Love Without End,...

Angel Blessing and Angel Meditation
Bless the Angels among us ~
They are our vision when we cannot see,
Our ears when we cannot hear...

Butterfly (Lyrics by Jana Stanfield and Joyce Rouse)
Sitting alone on a hillside confused about what to do
My choices were all complicated, it was time to think things through
Spotted a striped caterpillar stretching her face to the sky...

Divine Alignment
Align my will with Thy Will,
Align my heart with Thy Love,
Align my mind with Higher Mind...

Emissaries of God
When you radiate Light, we are your Beacon.
When you emanate Love, we are your Expansion...

I AM (By Helen Mallicoat)
I was regretting the past and fearing the future.
Suddenly my Lord was speaking,
My name is I AM...
I Am That I Am
When chaos abounds,
I AM That I AM brings organization...
Invocation for the Love of Christ
In the name of the Christ,
I ask that the Love of Christ be in and through me at all times...

Prayer of the Chalice
Father, to Thee I raise my whole being - a vessel emptied of self.
Accept, Lord, this my emptiness...

Surrender (St. Francis via Anne Hughes)
St. Francis of Assisi suggested this intention for those interested in surrendering to the Will of God...
Transmutation Prayer
I call forth my I AM PRESENCE,
To consume, dissolve and purify all my accumulated creations...

Law of Forgiveness (Azrael, Wisdom for the New Age)
To forgive means to conclude completely the event, to release completely, from all thought and memory, everything that happened, including all feelings of harm or injury, whether thought was justified or not...